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What do you know about the people you are working with to handle IT?

Where they come from and what they’ve done matters.  After all, their job is to ‘cover your back’.  And, if they cannot tell you who they are, what they do, and why they do it – they must not know…


SecurIT360 is a full-service security consulting firm which was founded in 2009.  It’s founder, David Forrestall (CISSP, CISA), has put together a team of credentialed professionals who are collectively focused on the physics of securing IT.  We are proud to be an independent, vendor agnostic, technology company focused on developing programs and systems specifically catered to our clients’ needs.  Additionally, we try to empower our clients with the advice needed to improve and maintain their security posture.

It is our job to know about the many facets of IT security, and our goal to uncover the internal security issues that most IT departments do not normally have either the time or manpower to discover, in order to keep our clients ahead of the IT security curve.  We offer services in three primary areas in order to achieve this goal.  We can measure where you stand against industry standards, advise you how to improve your current measurements, and train your staff to effectively understand and practice security standards.  We center each service on proven informational security management system standards, ultimately looking to either repair IT damages made by hackers or acts of nature, or to prevent the vulnerable areas in IT systems that invite breaches.


The company is driven by a unique set of knowledge and how to apply it.  It combines the physics of security in business operations–with a strong dose of common sense.  The learning curve has no end to it, which is one of the reasons we love it.  Ongoing research is our sustainable competitive advantage; it is hard-wired in the DNA of our operation.

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