Third Party Apps: Consider The Risks

What are 3rd party tools? Everyone, from individuals to enterprises, uses third party tools and applications on their workstations, servers and mobile devices.  Some examples are Adobe Reader, Java, WinRAR, and many more.  They are applications that are run or installed, but are typically not centrally managed by your organization. Why are they important to an organization? Many times these tools are required to carry out critical job functions.  These can be running applications that require Java applets, fax services, custom written applications and so on. What risks can they introduce? Since these applications are usually not centrally managed, their [...]

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Adobe Flash Player Critical Update

Adobe has released a critical patch to address a vulnerability that could allow an attacker to take control of an affected system. Release date: February 4, 2014 Vulnerability identifier: APSB14-04 CVE number: CVE-2014-0497 Platform: All Platforms Source:

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Breach Alert! Yahoo user data stolen

As evidence to why users should not use the same usernames and passwords across sites, it appears that data collected from recent breaches was used to massively hack into user email accounts at Yahoo.  Yahoo recognized the attack and has taken steps to reset passwords.  Their Security Update was posted on Tumblr today. According to Yahoo they are taking steps to protect users: We are resetting passwords on impacted accounts and we are using second sign-in verification to allow users to re-secure their accounts. Impacted users will be prompted (if not, already) to change their password and may receive an [...]