iOS Malware – The Sky Is (not) Falling!

By now you should have heard that malware has been detected in apps available from Apple's App Store.  (Let's take a short break to let the rival Android users stop chuckling)  Should you be panicked?  Should you contact your IT department and have them wipe all of your company's iPhones?  Should you rush home and trade your teenager's iPhone for an old Samsung flip phone?  No, you shouldn't - the Appleocalypse is not upon us.  (except maybe for the last one - have you seen the trouble teenagers can get into on smart phones?  Sheesh!) Because this is somewhat of [...]

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Apple iOS and Email Attachment Encryption: A Question of Compliance

UPDATED: 7/1/2014 Apple has released iOS 7.1.2 which is supposed to resolve the issue where a user can access unencrypted mail attachments.  We recommended updating all Apple mobile devices as soon as possible. It was reported a few days ago by Andreas Kurtz, that since iOS 7.0.4  and including the most recent Apple iOS 7.1.1 email attachments using the native mail clients are not encrypted.  He was able to access these files even though the device's disk is encrypted.  What does this mean for compliance?  How many users are emailing patient information (HIPPA), finance data or other protected data thinking that their devices [...]