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Benefit from a dedicated team at the level that fits you:

Even if you already have dedicated security staff, keeping up with regular duties while responding to potential incidents and threats has become more difficult as attacks have increased.  SecurIT360 offers a team of cyber experts that compliment your existing capability or take care of things while you build your security program.

Managed Service Features

  • 24/7 monitored SIEM as a service
  • Rapid problem identification & response
  • Dedicated security team
  • Outsourced security logging and alerting compliance
  • Regular security testing
  • Proactive & customized alerting
  • Centralized log collection and storage
  • Quick & painless deployment
  • Extensive compliance reports and alerts

Reduce your blind spots


Screenshot of Logit360, our managed SIEM network monitoring platformAvailable in hours, our industry-leading managed and monitored SIEM solution offers not only centralized logging but security event monitoring.  These solutions typically require significant investment in infrastructure and staff to support.  We have 24/7 teams in the US organized in pods of 5 analysts that can support 18 to 25 clients depending upon size and complexity.  As soon as they are at 80% capacity, we deploy another pod.

Logit360 and 24/7 monitoring is a solution to monitor, manage, and optimize your IT services, boosting business efficiencies and performance.  Our system is hosted in our own cloud to protect your data.  Your data is separated from other clients’ data, and you retain all ownership of your data. We can offer the following services through our integrated platform, Logit360:

  • Remote monitoring and alerting
  • IT event correlation and analysis
  • Critical business services monitoring
  • Managed network services
  • VID and desktop monitoring
  • Security monitoring
  • Cloud security management
  • Compliance reporting
  • User activity management
  • Security risk assessment and consulting

Our SIEM solution will allow you to reduce the costs associated with servers and storage needed for centralized logging, as well as the staff to install, configure and maintain the systems.  Our staff can assist you in identifying the devices on your network that should be monitored, the configuration steps necessary to monitor your network, and the configuration of the logging solution.  Deployment only requires a virtual data collector to be deployed to your environment that will seamlessly deliver events via SSL to our datacenter.  Logit360 will correlate these events and alert you and our team to customizable metrics to meet compliance standards.

These alerts can not only help you stop attacks that are in progress, but also help you quickly recognize if a breach does occur.  Most successful attacks take only a few minutes to accomplish their goal, whereas most breach detections usually happen days, weeks, or even months after the fact.  Let us help you reduce the gap.

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