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According to the 2013 Verizon Breach Report, “In 2012 there were over 47,000 security incidents reported, 621 confirmed data disclosures and at least 44 million compromised records.”  

Even large companies, who could potentially spend millions of dollars on security each year, are still faced with breaches at some point.  Once a breach is detected, time is of the essence to determine what happened and understand the impact to the business and to the customers.

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Data breaches will happen, and when they do, you must be prepared to respond.  The first step required by most regulating bodies in the event of a breach is to bring in an outside, independent firm to assess the situation, determine the issue, and advise on remediation steps.

Securit360 is trained and prepared to come to you and respond to these situations.  We can put a team on a plane, so you can have boots on the ground as soon as possible in order to help you understand the potential impact a breach has had to your business.


We can provide expertise to determine where to look for data which can help shed light on what caused a breach, to what extent it caused damage, and how to remediate it.  Your staff still has a daily job to perform.  You can’t afford to have them focusing their efforts on breach analysis at the expense of day to day operations.  Contact the experts to help you.

RSA identified 33,861 phishing attacks launched worldwide in August 2013. Based on this figure, it is estimated phishing resulted in an estimated $266 million in losses to global organizations.

RSA 2013

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