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MDR + EDR: Sophisticated Monitoring & Rapid ContainmenT

proactive threat hunting, preventative infrastructure, and personalized monitoring

Protection Where it’s Needed

Currently, two cybersecurity trends are on a collision course: business networks increasingly congested with vulnerable personal devices, and a steady increase in the volume and sophistication of cyber attacks, which has been catalyzed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Traditional firewalls and anti-virus software often fail to detect, let alone contain, much of the malware responsible for today’s cybersecurity incidents.

Securing networks requires managed detection and response (MDR) to continuously inspecting endpoints for attack indicators, and endpoint detection and response (EDR), to help triage, investigate and contain attacks in-progress.

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For Every Contingency

Traditional security efforts use what’s often referred to as the "castle and moat" model, where security efforts are focused to build defense mechanisms that prevent attacks.

While essential, prevention alone is insufficient. This model fails to acknowledge a long-known security truism: even the best-laid plans fail.

Our MDR and EDR solutions marry prevention with proactive response that stops penetrated endpoints from spreading contamination system-wide, using forensic data, incident analysis, and a 24/7 security operations center.

New Tools for New Threats

Cybersecurity point solutions claim extraordinary depth of analysis, but flood IT teams with a host of false positive alerts and vague paths to mitigation. Our services leverage an active team of security experts who work with you to identify and fill security gaps, and provide 24/7 monitoring of anomalous behavior.

Reactive Protection with Proactive Planning

We'll work with your team to develop a response plan personalized for your network infrastructure. We’ll help you determine your most valuable digital assets, processes for incident escalation and the relevant actions to take, and make plans on how to maintain business continuity in the event of an attack.

24/7 Monitoring

Our on-staff cybersecurity experts will oversee your network’s endpoint activity on a 24/7 basis. We’ll collect and analyze an array of telemetric and forensic data to identify signs of compromise, and reduce the dwell time of attackers to prevent attacks from becoming full blown incidents.

Reliable Intelligence, Customized Service

Just as no two companies are alike, no two cybersecurity approaches should appear identical, either. We'll conduct threat intelligence research based on your company's unique security profile, identify likely attack vectors, then offer constructive and actionable feedback for plugging security holes.

Protection for Today’s Threat Landscape

We offer protection for today's most sophisticated attacks, including advanced persistent threats, insider attacks, and ransomware. We’ll install backup and disaster recovery systems that revert endpoints to their pre-infection state.


At SecurIT360, we are a US-based company and orient our service around a deep understanding of your needs and most valued assets. We offer around-the-clock monitoring for known threats, suspicious user behavior, compromised systems, and unusual traffic. Our trained analysts use a range of modern techniques and bleeding-edge security tactics to catch infections, reduce false positives, and increase the value of our monitoring through sophisticated process iteration.

Our Security Operations Center (SOC) is designed to perform deep, penetrative analysis of endpoint data to uncover suspicious and abnormal behavioral patterns before they ripen into full-blown systems compromise. Endpoint data is continuously stored and analyzed so that our real-time threat detection can visualize the complete attack kill chain. Our EDR services go beyond reactive threat defense with proactive threat hunting powered by behavioral analysis, application monitoring, and more.

Our forensic tools allow us greater visibility into endpoint data, and our staff’s forensic training helps us transform volumes of data into actionable insights. Our security experts are trained to leverage this forensic data to shore up cyber security after an incident has occurred, pinpointing the cause of breaches, the true extent of compromise, how remediation should proceed, and how such attacks may be prevented in the future.

Business networks flood IT departments with otherwise useful log files, which contain complete records of events occurring on applications and network endpoints. Our team uses advanced tools and techniques to detect suspicious event log activity, failed login attacks, excessive CPU usage, and sizable data transfers. The end result is uncovering complex attack methods, flagging attempts to comprise data, removing false positives, and helping experts respond quicker.

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