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Monitoring & Incident Response

A cyber security plan must provide for proactive detection and prevention of potential threats – not just provide for a response after an attack.

24/7 in-house Security Operations Center (SOC)

Our U.S. based SOC monitors your network and uses a combination of human analysts and technology to cut through vast amounts of information to identify relevant data points.

Independent Assessment

An objective, rapidly deployable team.

Forensic Research

Expert Incident Analysis and Advice

Be Prepared

Cyber attacks and threats to information security are becoming more destructive and harder to detect, even as companies adapt to stop them.

Effective cyber security requires expert knowledge of security standards, 24/7 monitoring, quick response to threats, and thorough reporting.

Building a comprehensive security plan for your business doesn’t have to be a worry that you handle alone – Securit360 can help you strategically grow your cyber security defenses.

Monitoring & Incident Response Solutions

SIEM and Log Monitoring

We monitor, manage, and optimize your IT services, boosting business efficiencies and performance. These alerts can not only help you stop attacks that are in progress, but also help you quickly recognize if a breach does occur. Most successful attacks take only a few minutes to accomplish their goal, whereas most breach detections usually happen days, weeks, or even months after the fact. Let us help you reduce the gap.


Evidence & data collection. Preservation & analysis. Testimony & reporting. Solutions to avoid future damage. We can provide expertise to determine where to look for data which can help shed light on what caused a breach, to what extent it caused damage, and how to remediate it. Your staff still has a daily job to perform. You can’t afford to have them focusing their efforts on breach analysis at the expense of day to day operations. Contact the experts to help you

24/7 Security Operations Center

Our Security Operations Center has a dedicated team monitoring your network 24/7. Even if you already have a security team, it can be challenging to respond to potential cyber security threats while staying on top of everyday duties. Partnering with Securit360 means doubling your cyber security coverage without doubling the cost. We provide a team of security experts that will create a program specific to your needs, providing monitoring support where you need it most. We can seamlessly integrate with your existing cyber security services, or provide full support while you work to build up your program.

SecurIT360 provides world-class customer experience as a trusted partner with sensitive, mission critical issues.

“SecurIT360 worked closely with us to assess our security posture and identify where we could improve. I appreciated how they articulated action items in a way that we could understand and organized them so that we could start immediately.”

Vice President, Enterprise Strategy, Solutions and CIO

Nationally recognized Research and Education Institution

Stay Ahead of Breaches. Properly Respond to Security Incidents.

Let us help monitor & respond to cyber and IT incidents