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Managed Services & Consulting

SecurIT360 will help you measure your current security programs, advise you on best practices, standards and regulations, and train you and your employees with what they need to know in order to implement and maintain an effective security program. We have analysts with years of security and IT related experience.

Improved & Flexible Resource Allocation
Immediate Expert Level Support
Enterprise Security Awareness and Discipline

An Extension of Your Organization

We make proactive possible with scalable services to create or enhance industry leading Cyber Security and Compliance discipline. Even if you already have dedicated security staff, keeping up with regular duties, adapting to other priorities while responding to potential incidents and threats has become more difficult as attacks have increased. SecurIT360 offers a team of cyber experts that compliment your existing capability or build an effective security program that fits your organization.

Managed Services & Consulting Solutions

Program Policy & Development

Our mission is to provide you with innovative programs and services that keep your IT-related operations safe and secure. You might say our mission is turning a real, or potential, security problem into a benefit for you. Once we have gathered the necessary information and checked it against best-practices, we apply our first-hand knowledge to help you understand what the risks are in business language. This helps us prioritize our efforts for security program development and implementation that fits your business.

Virtual CISO

Virtual CISO (vCISO) is a service designed to make top-tier security analysts available to your organization for security expertise and guidance. Our team of experts have decades of experience building information security programs that work WITH your business objectives and show measurable improvements to your security posture.

Training & Simulated Exercises

Let us share our expertise with you. Through online and/or in-person training we can give your employees the skills they need to keep your information secure and to adhere to compliance regulations.

Technology is complex to begin with; and it is always changing. New products and services are brought to market that can help clients to better serve their customers. It is difficult for people who are not security or IT experts to know exactly what is offered and what the risk may be to their organization. SecurIT360 is an independent firm focused on Cyber Security. Our driving force is knowledge and we have a structured research program; we consume a daily diet of knowledge and take it to our clients. SecurIT360 has trained thousands of users to stay safe and secure.

SecurIT360 provides world-class customer experience as a trusted partner with sensitive, mission critical issues.

“SecurIT360 has always demonstrated a true professional approach in their entire engagement and also have displayed the spirit of partnership that I demand and require in my vendors.”

Corporate EVP, CIO & COO

Commercial and residential real estate and property management organization

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