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We Serve a Range of Industries

Securit360 has years of experience in a number of industries. We partner with clients that handle sensitive information and/or are regulated with compliance requirements. See our services to more effectively meet requirements and protect your sensitive data as well as differentiate your security standards for your clients.


Financial organizations and their clients are a prime target for cyber attacks. Those in the financial industry including banks, credit unions and others must adhere to many complicated regulations. They face an increasingly hostile online environment. SecurIT360 can provide services to help protect your network such as vulnerability management, network testing, and security program planning.


As organization risk and the cost of Cyber attacks has grown, the need for appropriate insurance has become more important for many organizations. SecurIT360’s model to provide scalable, flexible solutions that adapt to our clients needs has made us trusted partner with insurance providers as we offer bespoke services to help their clients understand and create risk mitigation procedures that produce more secure insurance clients who then benefit from lower insurance expenses at the same time becoming more secure and differentiated.


The utilities industry has to protect not only customers’ personal information but the critical infrastructure for the United States. Often dealing with federal regulations, the utilities industry meets a wide range of compliance standards. We have experience working with utilities clients and offer log management and monitoring as well as other cyber security services that can help protect your assets.


Healthcare providers have significant regulations they must meet to protect patient data. HIPAA now comes with significant penalties for healthcare organizations that do not comply. We have HIPAA experts with extensive experience in the industry that can assess your current HIPAA compliance as well as offer services to bring you into compliance.


The transportation industry is a critical infrastructure sector whose assets, systems, and networks, whether physical or virtual, are considered so vital to the United States that their incapacitation or destruction would have a debilitating effect on security locally and nationally. It is so much of an important sector that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security developed a framework implementation guide which is centered around NIST standards to help reduce cyber risks. Securit360 provides services to ensure your network meets NIST standards for cyber risks.

State & Local Government

State and Local government agencies are common targets for Cyber attacks and often find themselves having to respond to crippling and expensive ransomware incidents. SecurIT360 has trusted relationships with many government entities to both provide proactive guidance and support to protect sensitive data and infrastructure but also provide the expertise to objectively analyze and respond to incidents when necessary.


Changes in how education is delivered at all levels, both in the private and public sectors is top of mind for administrators, students and parents. Security of on-line communication is just one vector that is capturing headlines. The information that drives your local school district or institutions of higher education is also a common target that is mission critical to viable on-going operations. At SecurIT360, we take a proactive and holistic perspective that is based on best practices, standards and facts. We step in and help build programs and work with you to develop any policies necessary to provide ease of mind.

We have experience in your industry. Let us help.