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Securit360 has years of experience in a number of industries. We focus on four main industries who have heavy federal and compliance regulations. Read about how compliance effects each industry and how we can offer services to help you meet those requirements.


Legal organizations get hit from all sides as their clients push down regulations on them from many industries. We are a trusted advisor to legal firms across the country and have established ourselves as a leading information security consultant for the legal industry. We understand the compliance needs in the legal industry and we offer a range of services to help meet those regulations.


Those in the financial industry including banks, credit unions and others must adhere to many complicated regulations. This industry is a prime target for cyber attacks and must face an increasingly hostile online environment. Securit360 can provide services to help protect your network such as vulnerability management, network testing and security program planning.


The utilities industry has to protect not only customers’ personal information but the critical infrastructure for the United States. Often dealing with federal regulations, the utilities industry meets a wide range of compliance standards. We have experience working with utilities clients and offer log management and monitoring as well as other cybersecurity services that can help protect your assets.


Healthcare providers have significant regulations they must meet to protect patient data. HIPAA now comes with significant penalties for healthcare organizations that do not comply. We have HIPAA experts with extensive experience in the industry that can assess your current HIPAA compliance as well as offer services to bring you into compliance.

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