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SecurIT360 Services

Expert cyber security and IT services for ongoing risk management and operational excellence. Know your risks, Be prepared, Measure, Monitor and Respond.

Know Your Risks And Be Prepared

Cyber threats continue to evolve at an alarming rate. Fortunately, our analysts are experts with specialized experience focused on supporting and preparing your organizations cyber security and compliance requirements.

We identify and measure risks, advise you on how to improve your current processes, and provide training opportunities across the organization to effectively understand and practice IT and cyber security standards.

Our Focus

We are driven by your objectives. We are flexible and able to scale our services to meet your unique situation.

Our Team

Our Analysts and Cyber Security experts are passionate about what we do with specialized skills and experience in multiple industries securing sensitive, regulated systems and information.

Our Perspective

We are independent and objective. We will thoroughly assess your situation so you have an unbiased viewpoint to create more effective policies and programs. We are not selling hardware or software.

Our Services

We believe in being proactive and advocate for prevention. We focus on facts derived from our detailed assessments and testing. We support compliance requirements and recommended standards. We provide 24/7/365 U.S. based monitoring and incident response and we create or augment your organizations needs for vCISO, Program and Policy development.

Our Services

Every assessment and every penetration test is tailored to fit your organization. If you are a law firm dealing with hospitals you don’t need an audit designed for financial institutions, just like a bank doesn’t need a penetration test designed for HIPAA regulations.

Make your way through the complex maze of federal and industry regulations and compliance standards. Determine your liability for failing to meet federal regulations. We can advise your business on the best practices as well as the risk associated with developing information security programs and processes to make sure you are compliant.

Data breaches will happen, and when they do, you must be prepared to respond. The first step is active monitoring; proactivity prevents incidents from ever occurring. Should an incident occur, we have a dedicated, veteran team of U.S. based experts that can guide you back to safety.

Even if you already have dedicated security staff, keeping up with regular duties while responding to potential incidents and threats has become more difficult as attacks have increased. SecurIT360 offers a team of cyber experts that compliment your existing capability or take care of things while you build your security program.