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Remote Workforce Security

We and other cyber professionals have seen an uptick in criminal activity as they pivot to attack remote workers. Our security experts are here to ease some Cyber anxiety while we all journey through this.

Mitigate Remote Exposure

Monitoring and responding to cyber security incidents is more important than ever during these uncertain times. We can help with 24/7 monitoring of remote activities, including advanced endpoint monitoring of both work or home computers.

Understand Risks

As you transition your team to working from home, could the changes you make to accommodate your operations compromise your security? We can help evaluate your security and make sure that your network and information are secure no matter where your employees are located.

Respond Effectively

Accelerated IR and threat hunting with continuous endpoint visibility. Rapid identification of attacker activities and root cause. Secure remote access to infected endpoints for in-depth investigation

Our Perspective

Our team is operating at 100%. Those who can are working from home and we have implemented increased safety procedures for our 24/7 Security Operations staff that are necessary to support organizations and other critical infrastructure.

Remote Workforce Solutions

24/7 Monitoring of Remote Activities

Advanced Endpoint Monitoring of Home Computers

Remote Access Security Reviews

M365 and Cloud Security Assessments

Incident Response

Penetration Testing

Dark Web Reconnaissance

Know Your Risks

Be Aware of the Red Flags

Know your Risk, Be Proactive, Measure, Monitor and Respond

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