• Internal & External Vulnerability Assessments

    Now that the business world relies so heavily on technology, many companies are requiring their vendors to meet more stringent security requirements.  Businesses want peace of mind; knowing that they have done the basics to keep their client and proprietary data safe.  Vulnerability assessments and penetration tests are commonly used to show that systems are patched and configured correctly.

    At Securit360, we use a formalized, comprehensive vulnerability assessment methodology that provides detailed reports and analysis of the status of your IT systems.  This method combines best-of-breed tools with thorough processes and experienced experts.  We layer in our experience as credentialed business and technology professionals throughout this methodology and issue a formal report that can be presented to clients and partners.

    Our vulnerability assessments review the footprint of a client’s network against the most common published vulnerabilities.  We provide more than just an automated report; we provide analysis and statistics that allow you to know exactly where to focus your remediation efforts.  We don’t just look at a vulnerability and report it the way a scanner labeled it, we consider the probability that it could be exploited as well as the potential impact the business.  The enables clients to focus their efforts on the areas that matter most.

    Infrastructure Reviews & Assessments

    Securit360 has completed hundreds of external and internal infrastructure security assessments and identified thousands of vulnerabilities. Our services include:

    • Internal and External network vulnerability assessments
    • Network architecture reviews
    • Wireless security assessments
    • Firewall Configuration Reviews
    • Active directory security reviews
    • Custom services as requested

    Physical & Wifi

    We can inspect all ingress and egress points, review onsite document destruction capabilites, inspect surveilance and alarm systems, as well internal and external access control mechanisms.  This will provide your organization analysis of the strengths and weakness of your physical perimeter.  We can also map the local wifi footprint and provide analysis of the configuration of the wireless infrastructure.

    Assessment Procedures
    1. Information Gathering
    2. Configure Vulnerability Assessment Software for network
    3. Testing to insure accurate results
    4. Schedule Assessments to minimize impact to productivity
    5. Test all externally exposed services
    6. Test all internal network segments
    7. Compare assessment reports to IT inventory for analysis
    8. Present critical and high vulnerabilities for remediation
    9. Re-assessment of external segments
    10. Issue report and analysis