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New OWASP top 10 shows same mistakes

OWASP is an organization that tracks most common web vulnerabilities and gives guidance for writing secure applications.  They have released the New Top 10.  Unfortunately, it is not that much different than the old top 10.  Does this mean that most web developers don’t know about the most common security risks?

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Microsoft July Security Bulletin

For Patch Tuesday this month, we are receiving critical updates from both Microsoft and Adobe. Microsoft has five bulletins, bringing the six-month total up to 51 bulletins, about 20% more than we had in 2012.

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93% of organizations have have not patched Java

Even after the major press about the recent Java Zero-Day vulnerabilities, organizations still have not updated the software.  Java, one of the most deployed applications in the world, has released a several serious issues over the past few months.

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