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New Ransomware Attacks

In the past few weeks, 5 law firms reported ransomware attacks by a malicious group known as Maze. This new and unique virus doesn’t follow the typical protocol. Instead of placing a ransom note on your system, they place your firm’s name on a public website. Entities that do not comply with ransom demands have portions of their data released publically until the ransom is paid; two different firms had their data released this week. Now that you are aware of the situation, we’ve put together some resources to help you understand it and how to prevent ransomware attacks:

Ransomware – the basics

How to spot it and how to deal with it

Emisoft has stated that at least 45 companies were the center of attack by Maze in January. They also state that this only accounts for 25% of their hit list. More information about this ransomware attack can be found here []